About me

I have many interests and few hobbies and wet shaving is on top.

I shave my beard since I was 18. I don’t have a great beard but a tendency for a sensitive skin. I’m sorry I never followed the suggestions of my father, wet shaver since 40 years. He always used brush and soap. Military heritage or not, double edge or cartridge or even the double blade… A good shave starts from the brush and the soap or cream. No need expensive one indeed.

Passing from electric razors, gels, foams, whatever, I wasn’t never satisfied with my shaving routine. Since I started to use a brush and a soap, the Proraso. And I had the first results, more comfortable shaves. Still something is missing I was thinking.

But the real story came out on my 40s.

I started to use DE for love. For love of my babies. Babies have sensitive and delicate skin and each time I was kissing and cuddling I was leaving on them tiny red spots and marks. My wife told me that I probably have to shave a little more or at least, to have a better shaving routine.

So I started again to change my routine with wet shaving. And there was the light.

Wet shaving, classic shaving now is more than a commitment: it’s a pleasure that can set up my day. With shaving I can travel the Europe, the world. I can speak many languages and I have now friends all over the world.

Thank you my love to let me discover again this new routine and to let me shave each morning with different soaps, brush and razors. You are following me in this little madness.

Thank you papa, if only I have followed your suggestions before…

I’m also on two main shaving forums:

the biggest on the net: www.badgerandblade.com

the Italian Shaving forum: www.ilrasoio.com

I’m Mostho.


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