SOTD 18 September 2015 The Intercontinental All Italian Shave-Off / W6D7

SOTD 18 September 2015 

The Intercontinental All Italian Shave-Off / W6D7

Two of us Badger & Blade members from the USA and Italy are partnering in an Intercontinental All Italian Shave-Off! 

Please read more here
Italian Shave-Off – The free week! At least one Italian stuff and let’s be creative! #BadgerandBlade 
Week 6 Day 7
The free week! At least one Italian stuff and let’s be creative. Going strong SteveWY!

Open theme. No single product theme… just post your SOTD or SOTW with any combination of hardware and software. But just to keep things “Italian” for this thread, include at least one Italian item in your shave. 

Preshave today is the green chilling combo. The ever good Proraso Green Preshave and my home made Menthol Dope Oil for extra chilling and lubrication.

Today going back to the good PannaCrema Namaste. It’s spicy and fresh scent jumps first to my nose even before lathering. Performance was excellent as expected and I was in the meantime traveling vs the Taj Mahal. I loaded a lot from the tub and I had a filthy lather enough fur 4/5 passes.

Omega S-brush today made an excellent job in listing at its fullest and at lathering at its best. 

Razor is the “Soldatino” a vintage Co.Ci.Na razor made for the Italian Army in the early 70’s. It’s a mild one and today I made exceptionally three smooth passes. Almost BBS and zero irritation.

An old Bolzano blade with (if I remember well…) three passes on the shoulder and everything went sharp.
Great final with the greatest green Italian combo Proraso Splash and Proraso Green Balm. What a fantastic ending.
Pre: home made Avocado oil soap  

Brush: Omega S-brush    

Razor: Co.Ci.Na “il Soldatino”  

Blades: Bolzano SuperInox (3)

Soap: PannaCrema Namaste 

AS: Proraso Splash / Proraso Green Balm 

Music: Goin’ All Out – Eric Darius

EDT: L’Erbolario Vetiver 


Have a wonderful shave and a fresh day to all gents!


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