SOTD 29 August 2015 The Intercontinental All Italian Shave-Off / W4D1

SOTD 29 August 2015 The Intercontinental All Italian Shave-Off / W4D1

The Intercontinental All Italian Shave-Off
Two of us Badger & Blade members from the USA and Italy are partnering in an Intercontinental All Italian Shave-Off! 

Please read more here
Week 4 Day 1

Today the start of the Italian-American Fusion.
I usually go for freshest soap on the end of the week so I choose as start the Proraso White Tub. 

It’s like its brothers: simply reliable in any step of the shave. Plus I love it’s scent and lather as a lather machine.
Omega 49 for today. One of the best all rounder brush. It’s not afraid of any challenge.
Preshave by Proraso, the green one: a touch of extra freshness. Coupled with my honey made Menthol Dope Oil I really have extra supa chilling.
Fatip and Personna Blue Super made in USA. New matching of great smoothness and sharpness from the very first time. 
All American after shave. Fine Snake Bite and Stirling Glacial Obsidian Balm. Potency on freshness with extra flavor. Lovely and soothing.

Stirling Soaps is one if my pillars of my American shaving
Pre: Proraso Green Preshave and Menthol Dope v1.0 

Brush: Proraso Omega

Razor: Fatip Grande Gold

Blades: Personna Super (1)

Soap: Proraso White Tub   

AS: Fine Snake Bite / Stirling Glacial Obsidian Balm 

Music: Terri Lyne Carrington 


Moisturizer: My home made cream “Skin Bomb”with shea butter, lanolin, wheat germ oil, avocado oil and argan oil.

Have a wonderful shave and a fresh day to all gents!


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