SOTD 25 August 2015 The Intercontinental All Italian Shave-Off / W3D4

SOTD 25 August 2015 

The Intercontinental All Italian Shave-Off / W3D4


We started with my friend SteveWY an interesting project: 

The Intercontinental All Italian Shave-Off
Two of us Badger & Blade members from the USA and Italy are partnering in an Intercontinental All Italian Shave-Off! 

Please read more here
Week 3 Day 4

#4 Ebano. A complex woody base with hints of amber and fruity agrumes remembering.

Today I discovered again how much I really love this scent. It’s rich, it’s classy, it’s elegant.

It’s wearing a wonderful suit that makes you feel just good and confident.
I’m really appreciating the small Omega #66, but today I was disappointed by 5 hairs losed. I don’t like hairs on my face! 🙂 and I feel it so tiny, and the bigger brothers call it to go home.
Preshave by Proraso, the white one. It matches perfectly the complex scent of Ebano and gives a touch of extra freshness.
Still on also delighted by Fatip. But soon, as my friend Steve, I will come back to milder razors for every day shave. Although I changed my mind about the aggressive razors: they can be easily tamed especially if you are coming from straights.

Post shave is from my pimped Proraso Green Splash and a bit of Stirling Soaps Lemon Chill Glass island balm. Refreshing and soothing. I hope this afternoon to not have burns from the dive suit on the neck.a soft spot of mine.i let you know!

(Do fishes loves lemon?)

Pre: A good shower, and Proraso White Preshave  

Brush: Omega #66

Razor: Fatip Grande Gold

Blades: Bolzano SuperInox (4)

Soap: PannaCrema Ebano  

AS: Proraso Splash / Stirling Lemon Chill Balm

Music: Can You Feel It – Rick Braun 

EDT: L’Erbolario – Periplo   

Have a wonderful shave and a fresh day to all gents!

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