SOTD 10 August 2015 The Intercontinental All Italian Shave-Off /W1D3

SOTD 10 August 2015 The Intercontinental All Italian Shave-Off 

Week1 Day3

We started with my friend SteveWY an interesting project: 

The Intercontinental All Italian Shave-Off
Two of us Badger & Blade members from the USA and Italy are partnering in an Intercontinental All Italian Shave-Off! We hope all B&B members with interest and experience with Italian shaving products or really the Italian experience will follow the thread and perhaps even join in and share your thoughts and experiences with us! Let me introduce ourselves and how we came to this point…
Please read more here
Week1 Day3

Due to this hot summer, I’m skipping the ATG pass. I was tempted due the time constraints to make only one pass. I cannot skip on preparation and lathering but I can skip one pass. But the lather was do rich and enjoyable that I went for my usual 2 passes and some touch ups. 
Fatip is a joy and Bolzano is getting milder and more forgiving. Also more enjoyable for sure. I just hope it will last until all this week! 😉

Brush: Omega 21762 Italian Flag 

Razor: Fatip Grande Gold

Blades: Bolzano SuperInox (3)

Soap: Cella Extra Extra 

AS: Floid the Genuine

Music: Paolo Fresu  
EDT: L’Erbolario Periplo 
Have a wonderful shave and a fresh day to all gents!


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