SOTD 6 August 2015

SOTD 6 August 2015


Another challenging chart of my favorite razors. Today I’m starting my day with the best DE around the block ;

#1 DE closed comb: Merkur Progress 
This is IMO not only the best closed comb around but probably the best modern DE actually produced. 

Sporting also a shaving selector where you can get the aggressiveness desired, it sings at a loud.

You can have a tiger or a Feather. Your choice. I go for a cat usually, setting from 1 to 2 1/2.
Again the best razor around. For sure the #1 of modern production adjustables.
Coupling today with a sweet and chilling citrus Soap from Stirling and the very often used Proraso stuff. What a fantastic shave!!

Pre: A good shower, Menthol Dope v1.0 and a hint of Proraso Green Preshave 

Brush: Omega S-brush  

Razor: Merkur Progress @2

Blades: Derby (1)

Soap: Stirling Lemon Chill

AS: Proraso Green Splash / Stirling Lemon Chill Balm
Moisturizer: My home made cream “Skin Bomb”with shea butter, lanolin, wheat germ oil, avocado oil and argan oil.
Music: Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins – Coleman Hawkins
EDT: CK One 

Have a wonderful shave and a fresh day to all gents.


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