SOTD 5 August 2015

SOTD 5 August 2015

Another fantastic week!

Another challenging chart of my favorite razors. Today I’m starting my day with the best shavette around IMo;

#1 Shavette in my den: Universal Whole Blade
I usually like a little bit more the same Universal but in half blade because it’s very comfortable and can reach more easily difficult spots.

But in these days I’m loving more the whole blade because it’s heavier, more like a straight razor.

Pre: A good shower, Menthol Dope v1.0 and a hint of Proraso White Preshave 

Brush: Plisson l’Occitaine Synthetic 

Razor: Universal Whole Blade 

Blades: Ladas (1)

Soap: TOBS Grapefruit      

AS: Floid the Genuine / Sul Filo del Rasoio – Contro Fuoco. 
Moisturizer: My home made cream “Skin Bomb”with shea butter, lanolin, wheat germ oil, avocado oil and argan oil.

Music: We Want Groove – Rock Candy Funk Party

EDT: L’Erbolario – Periplo 
Have a wonderful shave and a fresh day to all gents!


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