SOTD 15 July 2015

SOTD 15 July 2015
Today is another hot summer day. Without going again to menthol (well only the splash…) I’m going with a fresh lemongrass and musk. And the addition of Proraso white is everything but damn good!

A vintage razor to complement a healthy and satisfactory shave!
Pre: 30″ rinse in warm water and Proraso White Preshave 

Brush: Omega 6211 Silvertip

Razor: John Blyde

Soap: PannaCrema Namaste 

AS: Floid Blue / Proraso White Balm

Moisturizer: My home made cream “Skin Bomb”with shea butter, lanolin, wheat germ oil, avocado oil and argan oil.
Music: Nouvelle vague from Stéphane Kerecki Quartet
EDT: L’Erbolario – Periplo

Hair: Suavecito 

Have a wonderful shave and shiny day to all!


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